LaserSniper is an electronic shooting simulator designed for both home and professional use. The simulator allows for safe and interesting fun. Players shoot the simulator on the big screen. The use of modern electronic technology, lasers and computer technology is affordable for everyone!

The LaserSniper set contains various games. The weapon looks extremely realistically (laser shotguns / rifles). The player aims at the monitor, the laser beam is detected by a specialized camera that makes the simulations and games react to the player's shot.

Price list:

  • PLN 1 - 2 min
  • PLN 2 - 4 min
  • PLN 5 - 10 min

LaserSniper has a built-in automatic counter - just drop a coin and move into a virtual shooting range (machine accepts coins from PLN 50 to PLN 5, counting time from PLN 1)

Rivalry, emotions, adrenaline, Are you in?

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