LaserSquash is one of many spectacular laser games where players fight with laser beams that are launched in its direction. Points should be collected by cutting laser beams with a stick previously received at the reception. Simple and pleasant!

Every time the laser is broken, the stick vibrates and lights up in the player's hand. The faster the beams are cut, the more points the player will score.

Attractive and intuitive

The obtained results are displayed on the screen and are supported by sound effects, voice commentary and dynamic music and lighting effects. LaserSqaush is the perfect combination of advanced technology and great game.

Challenge and competition

During the game, the reaction speed and points are measured and the game automatically adjusts to the agility and speed of the player. Laser beams, dynamic music, voice commentary, competition and lighting effects ensure that adrenaline rises and players want to play faster and more efficiently each time. After playing the full games several times, most players have a shortness of breath. The perfect way to eliminate stress in a few minutes!

1 or 2 players - 3 levels of the game
Cost 5 PLN / game

Tokens can be bought at reception of karting track