Contact us, you have three options:

book a convenient date for you.

  1. On a given day, arrive 20-30 minutes earlier than the set time. This is the time needed for registration, dressing up and briefing
  2. Onsite, register in our system using the electronic Registration Kiosk, create your Member Card and driver's account.
  3. You can also register online and complete the registration on the track by taking a picture and signing the User Statement. See our terms and conditions. Minors must be accompanied by an adult and have a Statement (link) signed by legal guardian / parent
  4. Finalize the transaction at the cash point and collect your suit, helmet and cabinet code assigned by the service staff.
  5. Go to the dressing and briefing room and get ready for the race. While waiting for the Track Marshall, you can read our information boards showing the outline of the track, the construction of a gokart and most importantly, rules and principles that are obligatory during the race.
  6. Listen to the Track Marshall. If you do not know something, do not be afraid to ask.

Now only one thing remains - Have a good and safe fun!

  • Po każdym wyścigu otrzymacie maila z wynikami.
  • Przy okazji akcji promocyjnych pierwsi dowiecie się o ofercie
  • Przy każdej wizycie otrzymujecie kombinezon ochronny oraz kask z homologacją drogową ECE-22