Would you like to open your LaserMaxx LaserGames laser center in Poland?

The best professional and advanced laser games system available on the market at an attractive price.

As a designer and manufacturer of LaserMaxx laser games, we offer full service and assistance in opening your own activities related to laser games. We help in decorating future games rooms, initiating marketing programs and reaching out to a potential client. In addition, our special LMX packages can be tailored to the customer's needs, keeping their low price.

We support our clients' companies in many ways, including pay-per-play financing.

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We already offer a new evolution of the LaserMaxx - EVO5 system:

Game up to 6 teams and up to 64 players:
The new EVO-5 system uses ultra-bright multicolored LEDs that are very visible through transparent, strong plastic covers. The brightness of the LEDs can be adjusted to the lighter or darker arenas. With our new technology you can play even in 6 teams with a number of players up to 64. Colors of teams are Red, Green, Blue, Marine, Yellow and Pink

Hit points:
LaserMaxx has always been known for hit points. Microprocessors control all the hit points of the EVO-5 vest. As in previous EVO, you can be hit in the front, back, arms and weapons. The new EVO-5 sensors make your vest and harness more sensitive and precise for shots. Hits are also recognized by strobe light

High quality sound system:
Digital speech technology and high-capacity sound processors provide first-class sounds. High-quality speakers on both arms give the player the best sound experience. Sound effects and digital systemmatic provides the player with excitement and game tips.

Happy Birthday:
When a group of children starts the game, you can hear the melody of Happy Birthday coming out of the vest. When the melody begins to play, children get a great surprise and have great fun!

Uninterrupted radio communication:
Uninterrupted radio communication is active during the game. This allows more control throughout the entire game. Live results are possible thanks to the non-stop support and communication of individual vests and computer controller.

Effective up to 35 m:
With the famous technology of shots, you can shoot players with a precise and effective shot. Support for sound, vibration and live information on your display indicates if the shot was accurate. The shot distance up to 35 meters is the longest available in the entire laser games industry.

Even if you undress the entire vest and pull out the battery, the EVO-5 will still be in the game. Will continue playing with the same settings without being noticed by players! This is a great advantage over the previous EVO (in which you could spread the vest, except the battery) and in particular over the competition. Did you also know about the possibility to clone a vest with the player's settings to another, in case of any problems? The player can then continue his game!
You can now also call it -Super continuously-! ...

QR codes:
LaserMaxx is the first brand with QR codes on the score cards. These codes contain information such as scoring, information about the LaserMaxx center and many more.

The 2 arenas module:
With the use of this module, it is possible to play the game in 2 arenas at the same time. This is very useful if you want to divide your large area into 2 arenas, thus accepting more players on busy days and maintaining group privacy. 

Ranking module:
Real-time ranking based on live results gives the player the possibility of detailed support thanks to a very fast radio transmitter. Ranking which has not been yet.

DMX module:
With our DMX module, the lights and special effects inside your arena will be controlled from the computer console. The lights will be turned on automatically when the game starts. 

MP3 module:
The MP3 module gives you the option of automatically starting the music with the game. It also controls music during weaponry, start and end of the game.

Video module:
Show video materials on an additional screen connected to the LaserMaxx console

If you are interested, please contact:
Paweł Kozubiński
tel. +48 515 280 111