Each player is wearing a special vest, equipped with sensors that react to the laser beam. Individual players score points by hitting opponents. The number of points won determines the winning team. Each team recognizes their own players through the color of the vest lights and color of guns.

When the game ends, each player receives their scores (number of hits, information about hits by another player, bonuses, etc.). The points card also includes points scored by the entire team. Additional monitors located in the reception area inform about the points gained during the game.

Game up to 6 teams and 15 players:

The new EVO-5 system uses ultra-bright multicolored LEDs that are very visible through transparent, strong plastic covers. The brightness of the LEDs can be adjusted to the lighter or darker arenas. With our new technology you can play even in 6 teams with a number of players up to 64. The team colors are Red, Green, Blue, Marine, Yellow and Purple

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